Reactions by hardcore fans - New Sample Vid of Piano Concert No. 4

 After I finished my 3rd piano concert with sending notation to music publishers > 2 decades ago I got different reactions. Most said there is no chance for premiere at our current "cultural system" but there was a big enthusiasm at some academics about new ideas within this concert which motivated me to go a step further and to start composing the 4th one. When it came out the response was not really positive and I myself got the impression that such a style never would have any chance and I should not waste my free time (besides my work at companies to pay invoices) with further atonal compositions. My 5th piano concert (2006 at Vancouver Canada) therefore became tonal and I set the focus to be able to play it by myself as concert pianist (A long dream I had to play one of my orchestral works as part of the orchestra). Decades later (2022 ff) the direction of the wind changed. My classical music got a boost at popularity past years and some people got enthusiastic especi

Duty of Prosecutors...Обязанности прокуроров...检察官的职责...

According to international laws of United Nations every member who has signed the membership has to pursue crimes against it. The rules of artistic freedom are here --> Until today crimes against these laws are happening. Piano Concerts, Symphonies, Violin Concerts etc. have to deal with discrimination and extermination threat until today. Bring the perpetrators to court... and protect the freedom of arts and culture... Согласно подписанным законам Организации Объединенных Наций, каждый член, подписавший членство, должен преследовать ее за преступления против нее. Правила свободы творчества находятся здесь --> До сих пор преступления против этих законов происходят. Фортепианные концерты, симфонии, скрипичные концерты и т.д. до сих пор вынуждены иметь дело с дискримина

Concert for Flute and Orchestra (2018) Excerpt - Images drawn by Artificial Intelligence

Here an excerpt of my composed concert for flute and orchestra. You listen the first 3,5 minutes of this concert rehearsal.. The whole concert as all the other hard work in writing complex orchestral notation you can only hear at concert hall. If you want to support a premiere contact your local orchestras to perform this flute concert. Thanks in advance... Here the video with the first 3,5 minutes:

Karl Pfeifer Variationen - Excerpt Variation No. 3

Excerpt of symphonic poem Karl Pfeifer Variationen, at this videos sample of Variation No. III Karl Pfeifer Variationen is a symphonic poem for piano, piano solo, choire and orchestra and base on the melodies of Hatikvah and Hava Nagila. The variations had been composed by Mark Klatt 2013.  Alisah for Linux Encryption Toolkit

Rehearsal of my Piano Concert No. 4

Today I must say proudly present a rehearsal of my 4th composed piano concert.   Until now it hasn't been possible to listen the complex notation as it really is and the demand for a premiere with real orchestra was accordingly high. Over decades begging at classical music institutions more and more is going to an end. A private financed premiere of e.g. this concert is not possible because alone the production with the choires, musicians, concert hall etc. would cost > 1.000.000 $. To bring a profit additional a large scale marketing campaign is necessary to maybe bring a break even for such a project with a financial positive result (high risk) - but we all, who bring new things to this planet know - at first you have resistance, incomprehension and a lot of hate - especially at conservative classical music scene which prefers to play hundreds of years old compositions in endless repetitions with thousands of musicians who have no gut