Concert for Cello and Orchestra - Sample Part II

Whole Concert at Concert Hall - or - Never !  

Artistic Freedom - Художественная свобода - 艺术自由

Equal which religion and country a person has... Who discriminates and tries to exterminate non political classical music does a crime against humanity - according to UNESCO / United Nations - most countries signed --> مساو للدين والبلد الذي يمتلكه الشخص... من يميز ويحاول إبادة الموسيقى الكلاسيكية غير السياسية يرتكب جريمة ضد الإنسانية وفقا لليونسكو - الأمم المتحدة وقعت معظم الدول --> Равноценно, какая религия и страна у человека... Тот, кто дискриминирует и пытается уничтожить неполитическую классическую музыку, совершает преступление против человечности, согласно ЮНЕСКО - Организация Объединенных Наций, большинство стран подписали - > 平等一个人拥有哪个宗教和国家...... 根据联合国教科文组织的说法,歧视并试图消灭非政治古典音乐的人构成危害人类罪 - 联合国大多数国家签署 - > https://en.

Stuttgart November 2023 Video

 Stuttgart November Video with Piano Solo Music and an excerpt of my 3rd composed symphony...

Violin Concert No. 2 - Year 2000 recording with first digital orchestras

 At the new century (year 2000) I was very enthusiastic about new possibilities to perform own composed and written orchestral works without dependency and begging at real orchestras by myself. And so I bought at beginning of century first ones and put the orchestral notation into midi files and performed them with the orchestras in 2000. After only imaging how the orchestral compositions could sound I got first results and must say was too enthusiastic and overestimated the perception of audience. Despite low quality and only possibility to bring really 16 instruments together ( notation has much more ) I thought people would see the composition, the ideas, the new style  and therefore brought out an Audio CD on my own costs. But what, and this is at some obviously a lack of education in combination with framing and hate against all new and different, many perceived was, that this music is either bad or worse is played with a single keyboard. Such things as fact check or similar didn&

The (sad) story of Amorelia..

 A video with background information of this symphonic poem etc. which first was a piano solo piece and later became a full piano concert in form of a symphonic poem for piano, choire and orchestra.
Recording of the Stuttgart Videos 2023 2023 I created some videos (every month ((January - July 2023) a new impression) of the city of Stuttgart with images taken by me there. Some videos have samples of my orchestral compositions, other videos have piano solo music composed and played by me. Here a sample of the piano solo piece I recorded at Stuttgart M. Music Centre for the Stuttgart April 2023 video.