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Recording of the Stuttgart Videos 2023 2023 I created some videos (every month ((January - July 2023) a new impression) of the city of Stuttgart with images taken by me there. Some videos have samples of my orchestral compositions, other videos have piano solo music composed and played by me. Here a sample of the piano solo piece I recorded at Stuttgart M. Music Centre for the Stuttgart April 2023 video.
     Pic: Handwritten Notation, Audio CDs of Piano Concert No. 1, Piano Concert No. 2 Violin Concert No. 2 and Part III Violin Concert No. 4 About...   Pic: Mark Klatt, 2022 Besides my main occupation as computer scientist I've been composing classical music since 4 decades.. Over the time a lot of pieces have been written, from pieces for solo piano up to orchestral works... As I'm playing piano / organ too I sometimes perform own composed pieces for chosen audience. To listen e.g. samples of my larger orchestral works you need an user account You can request login data in contacting me... Here now a list of own (with notation) composed classical music pieces Compositions 6 Piano Concerts (Piano Concert 6 unfinished)