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The for me best notation software..

Often people ask me - for your complex orchestral notations - which is the best notation software to edit, write etc. large scale orchestral notation. After decades of working with several products the best product at the market for me is  Finale by makemusic...   *) Dealing with hundreds of A3 piece of papers of hardcore orchestral notation (even opera score) with sometimes more than 80 instruments in large complexity this notation software which is one of the few which is able to stable deal with such complex writings and with great editing possibilities. Besides that the support by makemusic is the best I've experienced by a manufacturer (and over decades in score writing I have many experiences and some are not really the best) Therefore a clear recommendation for this software *) I'm not sponsored by makemusic or get any advantages in posting this recommendation. It is my personal opinion I share as composer and additional studied expert (univ.

Rehearsal of my Piano Concert No. 4

Today I must say proudly present a rehearsal of my 4th composed piano concert.   Until now it hasn't been possible to listen the complex notation as it really is and the demand for a premiere with real orchestra was accordingly high. Over decades begging at classical music institutions more and more is going to an end. A private financed premiere of e.g. this concert is not possible because alone the production with the choires, musicians, concert hall etc. would cost > 1.000.000 $. To bring a profit additional a large scale marketing campaign is necessary to maybe bring a break even for such a project with a financial positive result (high risk) - but we all, who bring new things to this planet know - at first you have resistance, incomprehension and a lot of hate - especially at conservative classical music scene which prefers to play hundreds of years old compositions in endless repetitions with thousands of musicians who have no gut