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Rehearsal of my Piano Concert No. 4

Today I must say proudly present a rehearsal of my 4th composed piano concert.   Until now it hasn't been possible to listen the complex notation as it really is and the demand for a premiere with real orchestra was accordingly high. Over decades begging at classical music institutions more and more is going to an end. A private financed premiere of e.g. this concert is not possible because alone the production with the choires, musicians, concert hall etc. would cost > 1.000.000 $. To bring a profit additional a large scale marketing campaign is necessary to maybe bring a break even for such a project with a financial positive result (high risk) - but we all, who bring new things to this planet know - at first you have resistance, incomprehension and a lot of hate - especially at conservative classical music scene which prefers to play hundreds of years old compositions in endless repetitions with thousands of musicians who have no gut