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Duty of Prosecutors...Обязанности прокуроров...检察官的职责...

According to international laws of United Nations every member who has signed the membership has to pursue crimes against it. The rules of artistic freedom are here --> Until today crimes against these laws are happening. Piano Concerts, Symphonies, Violin Concerts etc. have to deal with discrimination and extermination threat until today. Bring the perpetrators to court... and protect the freedom of arts and culture... Согласно подписанным законам Организации Объединенных Наций, каждый член, подписавший членство, должен преследовать ее за преступления против нее. Правила свободы творчества находятся здесь --> До сих пор преступления против этих законов происходят. Фортепианные концерты, симфонии, скрипичные концерты и т.д. до сих пор вынуждены иметь дело с дискримина

Concert for Flute and Orchestra (2018) Excerpt - Images drawn by Artificial Intelligence

Here an excerpt of my composed concert for flute and orchestra. You listen the first 3,5 minutes of this concert rehearsal.. The whole concert as all the other hard work in writing complex orchestral notation you can only hear at concert hall. If you want to support a premiere contact your local orchestras to perform this flute concert. Thanks in advance... Here the video with the first 3,5 minutes: