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Question and Answers .... III

  7.  Have you played all your piano solo pieces by yourself Yes, before 2022 at my private piano and from 2022 on at a music centre at the city of Stuttgart... Here e.g. a video to an invitation to the city of Heilbronn Sept 2022 with me playing one of my piano solo compositions on my private piano... Here another one which is more than 10 years ago... The only orchestral composition where I play the piano part is my 5th piano concert from 2006. There I'm the soloist... recorded has the concert been in 2011. Pics were from a stay (emigration probe) at the city of Vancouver autumn 2006 ... 8.  You tried emigration from Germany? Yes, to try to protect my classical music against extermination threat (2006 ff. there was a public and non public extermination campaign against my existence as classical composer - my family and me had to deal with direct attacks and threats ( Extermination Sample *)) by environment ) - so called friends (after I came back I kicked them out of my life) re

Question and Answers .... II

3. Do you fear Artificial Intelligence? No, absolutely not.  Due to my univ. exam and job experience at computer science I don't fear the artificial intelligence. At first I've developed / invented  own prototypes with the names Ella and Alisah with own mathematical models. Ella : Alisah : You can compare Artificial Intelligence with human brain what means as more complicated the issue is as more complicated the issue is for the artificial intelligence - in single words - there is a correlation in complexity and learning time / amount of stuff to study to understand complex things. You see that that current AI's have no problem in generating pop music, and easy hits *)(sample german Schlager at the bottom) in seconds but still are not able to compose complex symphonies where e.g. 80 instruments operate with different melodies over long time.  But surely AI's will be able to compose contemporary cla

Question and Answers .... I

Dear listeners of my classical music - at first a big thank you for your support and the rising popularity of my classical music ideas - and a thank you for all your posts to me. Past months every month I have up to 3 times more contact requests than the month before and this is a little bit problem because I have no manager and all to respond by myself. As I work at a full-time job as computer scientist to pay my invoices and classical music is due to the circumstances my hobby I must use my free time to respond to all your questions. And some especially from scientists (many greetings to Vienna 🥰 ) cannot be responded in some minutes and needs longer time. I don't want to disappoint you and therefore take time by myself to respond to you on the professional level your questions were and are... Many questions on the other hand go into the same direction, therefore you will find here now answers to the most asked questions. 1. When will be the next concert with you? Due to the sit

Upcoming... Violin Trilogy with the first 3 violin concerts !!!

Sample II with excerpts from Violin Concert No. 3 below...