Reactions by hardcore fans - New Sample Vid of Piano Concert No. 4

 After I finished my 3rd piano concert with sending notation to music publishers > 2 decades ago I got different reactions. Most said there is no chance for premiere at our current "cultural system" but there was a big enthusiasm at some academics about new ideas within this concert which motivated me to go a step further and to start composing the 4th one. When it came out the response was not really positive and I myself got the impression that such a style never would have any chance and I should not waste my free time (besides my work at companies to pay invoices) with further atonal compositions. My 5th piano concert (2006 at Vancouver Canada) therefore became tonal and I set the focus to be able to play it by myself as concert pianist (A long dream I had to play one of my orchestral works as part of the orchestra). Decades later (2022 ff) the direction of the wind changed. My classical music got a boost at popularity past years and some people got enthusiastic especially of my 4th piano concert (A further scientific proof that personal perception can be different than perception of environment). Now the tonal compositions as Amorelia losing step for step popularity and the atonal new style ideas by me go more and more into foreground.. (The reason my 6th piano concert went on in this innovative style of the 4th one). Long story short  - I was asked to publish a further sample **) of the notation of this 4th piano concert and here it is... the whole concert can be listened at concert hall, only - maybe, we'll see how the things will develop next months I could bring out an Audio CD of Piano Concert No. 4 produced with Digital Orchestras completely. But at least the expensive costs (Several thousands of $$) for such a production must be covered by amount of fans who buy this CD - elsewhere - sorry I'm not motivated to put further jewels into this "shithole system" *) where hard academical work too often has less worth than naked butts, farts, other recorded body parts and finally violence, inhumanity and dirt. (Millions of evidence samples at so called "social" media platforms).

If you like the piano concert No. 4 excerpts and want to listen the whole work you can now support the production of an Audio CD with Digital Orchestras in pre-ordering this CD for the price of 49,99 US$ (I think this is not too high for a real rarity). 

  1. The process will be as following. You contact me at --- Reserve Piano Concert No. 4 write there your name and address and how many hand-signed Audio CDs for 49,99 $ you want to reserve (this not an order only a reservation for free to give me a survey about demand).
  2. If sum over all reservations will reach more than <> 5000 $ I will contact every person which reserved CDs for a confirmation of their reservation. If confirmations are >= 5000 $ then I will ask for transfer the money to an account and then we have a business contract protected by international laws that you will get an hand-signed Audio CD with the whole Piano Concert No. 4 produced with Digital Orchestras. Additional individual costs for shipping will be calculated because most listeners of my music are living outside of middle-Europe. 
  1. An investor enables a premiere at concert hall and the piano concert will be performed there for a large audience. This would be the ideal case because there the complex notation as it is would be performed at high brilliance.

The reservation process starts at 06/01/2024 and will end 12/31/2024 or earlier if the 5000 $ goal is reached.


*) If you complain about these words, what's about the fact (??) that at this system we have to deal with discrimination (Hate a/o Nazi attacks, threats, disadvantages at jobs etc.) up to extermination (with evidence) of contemporary arts and culture which in its efficiency (extermination of artworks) remembers to darkest times of german history. Samples are e.g. colleagues who gave up composing classical music due to devaluation of their hard work and zero appreciation, lack of motivation etc. Hundreds and maybe thousands of new classical compositions have been EXTERMINATED until today. I informed the United Nations about the situation here with court proven evidence and recommend colleagues to follow me and bring the perpetrators to court and/or at least that mankind / customers of them know what is going on and to disenchant the fictional marketing brochures (place of thinker and poets etc.) as that what they are - hypocrisy.

**) At video platforms or so called "social" media sites as well as music sites which say, that they - "support" creators  - LOL 😂😂😂 - only excerpts and small samples of my compositions are and will be published. At this for me criminal dirt system where you e.g. get for 10000 views of a whole published symphony only few Cents many colleagues and I will NEVER participate - this is, as written, throwing jewels into a pig trough.  🐷

And worse: "What kind of message learn young people in realizing that you have more success there with the "hard no-work in seconds" e.g. if you go to toilet fart loudly and record the shit coming out of your butt and post it at e.g. "social" media and then learn that this brings more appreciation than a whole classical symphony, a scientific study, writing a book, drawing an artwork with academical effort over months and years etc...??? 

Honestly said, do you think, that such a society / system as shown above will have a future in wealth and success and keep a leading role for mankind?


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