Question and Answers .... II

3. Do you fear Artificial Intelligence?

No, absolutely not. 

Due to my univ. exam and job experience at computer science I don't fear the artificial intelligence. At first I've developed / invented  own prototypes with the names Ella and Alisah with own mathematical models.

Ella :

Alisah :

You can compare Artificial Intelligence with human brain what means as more complicated the issue is as more complicated the issue is for the artificial intelligence - in single words - there is a correlation in complexity and learning time / amount of stuff to study to understand complex things.

You see that that current AI's have no problem in generating pop music, and easy hits *)(sample german Schlager at the bottom) in seconds but still are not able to compose complex symphonies where e.g. 80 instruments operate with different melodies over long time. 

But surely AI's will be able to compose contemporary classical music earlier or later and then will replace or add as new composers but that will be next years (for complex notations) and not today.

Further I see no threat for me personally as composer because my notations are secret and not open for public - to study my style, improve it and become better AI as every human at first has to learn from it and that's not easy possible :-) (One of the reasons I post never whole concerts, notation etc. best as free at "social" media 😂)

And third - well - as contemporary classical composers we've learned to live at the bottom of appreciation at this junk-food culture (many scientists call "shithole" e.g. if you look what is appreciated at so called "social" media, some media etc.). Most who have fear have something to lose (success, money, appreciation) - this is what many of us contemporary classical composers don't need - most of us have different jobs to earn money as me too and therefore - if AI becomes better than me - well, then I can learn and study that and that's not the worst maybe a great experience in progress...

Finally if I see what e.g. an AI draws as image to my orchestral works if I tell her e.g. draw an image to my flute concert and she draws that -->

Pic: Girl with flute generated by to my flute concert 
(here a sample of this concert : Flute Concert)
--> well, what should I say? This is unbelievable, or?!

I'm enthusiastic about the new possibilities in creative interaction with artificial intelligence maybe we all together will reach a new level.

4. Is your music composed by artificial intelligence?

No. No single measure yet. But what future will bring I cannot say today.

5. Why do you work as computer scientist and classical composer is not your main role

This is easy explained. The system is responsible and guilty and NOT the colleagues / me. I e.g. know classical composers who have better piano skills than me (e.g. playing Rachmaninovs 3rd piano concert from brain) and living like beggars (!) and that with study and exam of classical music at renowned universities. Without exaggeration we can talk about culture and arts extermination. To try a career at this system is like suicide and only possible if you grew up at the right networks with money, relations and support of your talent from beginning on. Most of us I know have other main jobs which are more compatible to this "market". I had the luck with computer science and developing algorithms and new source codes / server database models / architecture that that is very similar in writing a large orchestral notation or a book. Therefore I'm not unhappy at all. But what makes colleagues and me angry is that so called neoliberal politicians sell fraud to the people that their "market" should be the best for us all. Their "market" you see at "social" media live day for day. If you post dirt, sex, violence and easy junk food created in seconds you have mostly more success than with science, books, arts and culture and new classical music where you have hard work over years !. There you have the evidence that they lie to us all and bring us no positive future. Further their "market" has the tendency to become anti-democratic and criminal - as less the state exists as more injustice and criminal behavior comes to surface . I think without laws and a strong state a threat for millions of people and worse life for middle-class is on the way. Without exaggeration this market here declassifies*) a new classical symphony or other academical work less worth than a Cheeseburger at burger discount and that these liars sell "as as harder you work as more appreciation from this market you will get" 😂😂

6. Have you ever got any support or money from state, institutions, companies for your hard work in writing classical notations
No, NEVER ! I've never made profit over decades and there never has been ANY SUPPORT. All (CD productions, writing notation etc.) I had to pay by myself without any support from environment here.
And worse colleagues and I sometimes had to deal with threats, discrimination and for me Nazi attacks (UNESCO is meanwhile informed in form of a criminal complaint with collected examples for investigations / court -->). 
Pic: Crimes / Violations against artistic freedom here
As most states signed these rules, prosecutors at all countries who signed the UNESCO documents could start investigations.

Further information: UNESCO Documents


*) AI generated hit sample in few seconds (text free generated by the ai) -->

or here an English ballad (which is really impressive)

and here 2 absolutely impressive sample completely  first generated by User Rip T Neon with UDIO Artificial Intelligence ( )

second generated too with UDIO Artificial Intelligence by User Disk Milk ( ). Listen to the female voice at the beginning... A musical about the DUNE movie...

 Here the Links to the generative Artificial Intelligence's where you can create the Top 10 Hits of tomorrow...

Update from 27.06.2024 - Music Industry and Pop Billionaires want to exterminate the Artificial Intelligence and keep the past frozen, not for the advantage of society, only for their business and no one else - funny anecdote exactly some of these mainstream "success" people had no problem with discrimination and extermination of new classical music - their arguments - classical music is PAST 😂

Read here: Extermination Campaign by the music establishment

My response: If billionaires (who not really have cared (I had to pay e.g. GEMA fees for my own composed piano concerts without any compensation and profit)) about disastrous situation at arts and culture and only for their self-being and narcissism try to exterminate progress at Western Artificial Intelligence the competitors at e.g. Asia will go in leading position and industry here will proceed with loser mode and decline - the train cannot be stopped anymore. Where future for mankind will happen the society decides now.

Instead of trying to exterminate the progress, politics and real intellectual elites should sit together and discuss how the transformation (possible job lost by some people due to AI) can be successfully established for a better future at society with Artificial Intelligence.



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