Question and Answers .... I

Dear listeners of my classical music - at first a big thank you for your support and the rising popularity of my classical music ideas - and a thank you for all your posts to me.

Past months every month I have up to 3 times more contact requests than the month before and this is a little bit problem because I have no manager and all to respond by myself.

As I work at a full-time job as computer scientist to pay my invoices and classical music is due to the circumstances my hobby I must use my free time to respond to all your questions. And some especially from scientists (many greetings to Vienna 🥰 ) cannot be responded in some minutes and needs longer time. I don't want to disappoint you and therefore take time by myself to respond to you on the professional level your questions were and are...

Many questions on the other hand go into the same direction, therefore you will find here now answers to the most asked questions.

1. When will be the next concert with you?

Due to the situation (full time job + composition at free time and other duties) it is up to impossible for me to train piano day for day over hours to keep a more or less professional level. My last solo concert was at Stuttgart 2024 with chosen audience. A next one is not planned next time. If such a concert will happen I will post it here at this blog.

2. Where can we see / listen your orchestral compositions

Unfortunately as often written at earlier posts the situation here is in such a manner disastrous that I see no premiere at concert hall upcoming next time / years as never any has happened past decades up to today! If you want a premiere at concert hall it needs pressure from you / audience to the directors that they learn that such a concert could be a success. Best chances are regions at Asia, Russia, South America according to response (visitors, views, likes, contacts) to my classical music. At Europe possibly Austria (Innsbruck, Vienna) could be a place for a premiere... 

Only way since decades and up to today still has been and is is realizing and producing the notation with digital orchestras which honestly said become better and better every year. 


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