Violin Concert No. 2 - Year 2000 recording with first digital orchestras

 At the new century (year 2000) I was very enthusiastic about new possibilities to perform own composed and written orchestral works without dependency and begging at real orchestras by myself. And so I bought at beginning of century first ones and put the orchestral notation into midi files and performed them with the orchestras in 2000.
After only imaging how the orchestral compositions could sound I got first results and must say was too enthusiastic and overestimated the perception of audience.

Despite low quality and only possibility to bring really 16 instruments together ( notation has much more ) I thought people would see the composition, the ideas, the new style  and therefore brought out an Audio CD on my own costs. But what, and this is at some obviously a lack of education in combination with framing and hate against all new and different, many perceived was, that this music is either bad or worse is played with a single keyboard. Such things as fact check or similar didn't happen and don't happen yet. This is sad - result was. CD is withdrawn from market and this Concert ONLY can be heard at concert hall with the full amount of instruments and then it will sound as it has to sound..or it will be heard NEVER.

Below a video with original production with the old digital orchestras from 2000. If you concentrate on the melodies and fade out the lack of quality you can imagine how this work will sound with large orchestra at concert hall....


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