Rehearsal of my Piano Concert No. 4

Today I must say proudly present a rehearsal of my 4th composed piano concert. 

Until now it hasn't been possible to listen the complex notation as it really is and the demand for a premiere with real orchestra was accordingly high. Over decades begging at classical music institutions more and more is going to an end. A private financed premiere of e.g. this concert is not possible because alone the production with the choires, musicians, concert hall etc. would cost > 1.000.000 $. To bring a profit additional a large scale marketing campaign is necessary to maybe bring a break even for such a project with a financial positive result (high risk) - but we all, who bring new things to this planet know - at first you have resistance, incomprehension and a lot of hate - especially at conservative classical music scene which prefers to play hundreds of years old compositions in endless repetitions with thousands of musicians who have no gut to try something new and develop together the future of classical music. But now we come into an age with artificial intelligence. You maybe heard about "Sora" from OpenAI which creates whole movies with real play actors in few minutes.. same experts at information technology expect next years with new classical compositions - but I as classical composer doesn't fear this development - I see and live today and I see the progress in technology and this brings me the advantage to finally be more and more able to bring my hard work in orchestral notation on such a quality to my music listeners as they sit in a concert hall. Especially the choires area, which has been a nightmare for long time improved in quality that now in several parts the digital choires are on the way to sound like real voices.  Further I see a future where classical concerts will happen at an virtual 3D area with virtual musicians and as composer I don't need rich people anymore to bring my music to my fans - which is the determination for this hard work of months in composing the orchestral notation for a whole piano concert. And now here is a sample I call rehearsal because it is close to that how a rehearsal with real orchestra would sound - enjoy it... Here the video. To this new age I asked an Artifical Intelligence to draw images to this piano concert - enjoy the pics by Artificial Intelligence ( with my visions base on the orchestral notation of my 4th piano concert for piano, large choires and orchestra ...


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